Practical Solutions for Today's Regulatory Environment

Sophic Pursuits, Inc.

Sophic Pursuits, Inc. is a small boutique firm that specializes in environmental and safety regulatory compliance. Additionally, the firm produces science, regulatory and sustainability education materials for a wide variety of learning environments.

While it may seem that these are two diverging interests - they are not. Environmental and safety compliance based upon of the underlying science behind the observed phenomena and/or chemical processes employed. From a compliance perspective, it is necessary to understand the underlying goal of the regulation, generally to protect worker and the environment. It is essential that today's and tomorrow's workforce have an understanding of the science and the application of the technologies used to facilitate the overall betterment of the workplace and communities. Thus, Sophic Pursuits is working to bring practical solutions to the workplace while developing educational materials for individuals who are employed in today and those who may be employed in these businesses in the near future.

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